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Vol 5, No 1 (2020)
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6-15 794

The problem of choosing and shaping the optimal publishing strategy by Russian universities is more acute than ever. Given the increased attention to the indicators of publication performance of organizations, as indicators of the effectiveness of their research activities, editions of scientific journals of universities have to find a balance between the format of the “home” journal and the desire to expand the geography of the pool authors and internationalization of the publication portfolio. Especially this concerns the journals included in international scientometric databases or planning to apply. At the same time, it seems important, when deciding to amend the editorial policy of journals of scientific and educational organizations in Russia, to consider the practice of leading foreign universities. In the framework of study, an attempt was made to identify how actively the most famous and prestigious US universities are involved in publishing and how much of the publication flow they generate through articles in their own scientific journals. It is concluded that there is no unified approach to the organization of publishing in universities that could be useful in Russian publishing practice.

16-21 932

This article describes the work of the Editorial Board of the Journal of “Almaz - Antey” Air and Defence Corporation during the period 2013-2020. The aim of this study was to evaluate the expediency of involving young researchers (aged below 40 years old) in reviewing manuscripts submitted to the journal, as well as to analyse the quality of their work. It is shown that young researchers conduct reviews with a sufficient level of quality and in a timely manner. An analysis of 642 reviews allowed a dependence of the average review time by scientists up to 40 and those older than 40 years to be constructed. As a result, the expediency of attracting young researchers as reviewers was confirmed, since both the quality of the work and the review time was comparable for young and experienced researchers.

22-28 688

The teacher’s scientific and publication activity develops not only his professional skills, but also the quality of education in general, therefore, research on this topic is currently relevant. The author reveals the place and role of research competence as a component in the structure of the teacher’s publication in school, substantiating the need to build constructive conditions for the teacher’s scientific work in the general education system. In the process of research, a system of empirical methods was applied - the monitoring results “Belogord’ye Graduate. Teacher of the Belgorod region”. The purpose of this project is to determine the position of teachers of the Belgorod region to participate in scientific and publishing work. The article gives suggestions on the formation of scientific and publishing competence of the teachers of general educational institutions.

Expert Recommendations 

29-39 2024

We consider the problem of publishing in several languages and review related technological, bibliometric and ethical problems. The existing practices include a) using the same DOI assigned by the same publisher to all versions of the paper, b) using different DOI assigned by the same publisher to different versions of the paper, c) using different DOIs assigned by different publishers to different versions of the paper published in different journals. There are solutions for linking publications in several languages, such as Math-Net.Ru, but they only partially solve the outlined problems. In this paper, we analyse pros and cons of different options and propose the way of linking DOIs of the versions of the paper by using the relations mechanisms provided by Crossref. We describe how this mechanism can be used by international and Russian journals. The proposed solution allows linking the DOIs of the Russian and English versions of the same paper in the journals published by different publishers. If adopted widely, this solution would not only exclude ethical problems in publishing translations, but would also allow abstracting and indexing services to correctly count citations to articles published in several languages.

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40-46 695

Misconduct in terms of manipulation of images has become an increasingly serious issue for the scientific community, especially in biomedicine. Such misconduct takes many forms, the major categories being falsified or fabricated images, manipulated images, and plagiarized images. Different tools and techniques are briefly described to help authors and editors in detecting such misconduct, and guidance is offered on appropriate use of images under different situations. More specifically, CrossRef Similarity Check, Motuin, and Droplets are proposed as the tools of choice for detecting similarity between images and their possible manipulation.

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