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Scientific periodicals as an element of the publishing strategy of foreign universities on the example of Ivy League

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The problem of choosing and shaping the optimal publishing strategy by Russian universities is more acute than ever. Given the increased attention to the indicators of publication performance of organizations, as indicators of the effectiveness of their research activities, editions of scientific journals of universities have to find a balance between the format of the “home” journal and the desire to expand the geography of the pool authors and internationalization of the publication portfolio. Especially this concerns the journals included in international scientometric databases or planning to apply. At the same time, it seems important, when deciding to amend the editorial policy of journals of scientific and educational organizations in Russia, to consider the practice of leading foreign universities. In the framework of study, an attempt was made to identify how actively the most famous and prestigious US universities are involved in publishing and how much of the publication flow they generate through articles in their own scientific journals. It is concluded that there is no unified approach to the organization of publishing in universities that could be useful in Russian publishing practice.

About the Author

O. A. Eremchenko
The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
Russian Federation

Olga A. Eremchenko - Senior Researcher of The Center for Scientific and Technical Expertise.



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Eremchenko O.A. Scientific periodicals as an element of the publishing strategy of foreign universities on the example of Ivy League. Science Editor and Publisher. 2020;5(1):6-15. (In Russ.)

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