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Duties of Members of Editorial Team in Academic Journal

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The article presents the main editorial posts and duties of responsible editors in scholarly journals. Although each editorial team sets its own policy, there are common regulations for ethical conduct, which are endorsed by global editorial associations, such as the Committee on Publication Ethics, the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, the Council of Science Editors, and the World Association of Medical Editors. Guidelines of these associations are helpful for organizing a well-functioning editorial team, performing unbiased quality checks (peer review), and avoiding claims of illegitimate, or ‘predatory’, publishing. Journal editors should be skilled in substantive and ethical editing to contribute to the quality and international visibility of their publications. The role of chief editors is particularly important for selecting highly-skilled sections editors, arranging peer review, and publishing original and ethically sound research and reviews. Also, at the current stage of digitization and proliferation of periodicals, the role of research integrity editors, regional editors, statistical editors, art designers, and invited editors of special issues is gaining importance for international visibility and indexability of the journals.

About the Author

Armen Yu. Gasparyan
Teaching Trust of the University of Birmingham
United Kingdom

Ph.D. The author was appointed Member of Council of the European Association of Science Editors and hold post of the Chief Editor of European Science Editing (2011–2014). He contributed to the Handbook of Science Editors and Guidelines of the Association. From 2008 onward, he is a member of the World Association of Medical Editors. He also holds editorial posts at several indexed medical journals.
Information presented in the article reflects the author’s stance, and is not associated with editorial policies of the international associations and journals.


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