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Variety of pay-for-publication models in reputable American and West European journals

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Following up on the translated paper published in the journal Science Editor and Publisher, 2017, Iss. 2–4, “Article processing charges for open access publication – the situation for research intensive universities in the USA and Canada”, this paper is circling back to the topic of article processing charges. Publication models in reputable American and West European scientific journals are diverse, so a detailed analysis of authors’ financial responsibilities might be of interest to researchers and editors. Publication fees may include APCs, page/color charges, and other obligatory or voluntary charges, helping promote open access or cover publishing costs. For qualifying authors, the fees may be lowered or waived. As far as reputable journals are concerned, there should be no correlation between their peer review quality and authors’ ability to pay. No fees paid can guarantee publication, that is why authors should pay special attention to journal reputation instead of its financial model.

About the Author

S. P. Zernеs
The Editorial Office, the journal Energy Safety and Energy Economy (Energobezopasnost’ i Energosberezhenie)
Russian Federation
Editor-in-Chief of the journal


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Zernеs S.P. Variety of pay-for-publication models in reputable American and West European journals. Science Editor and Publisher. 2019;4(1-2):6-11. (In Russ.)

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