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Revision: Parameters and practices within the translation industry

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In this article we look at what it means to revise a translation, the parameters that should be taken into account, and the various challenges posed by the process. We also explore how the quality of a translation affects the revision stage, and various approaches that can be used to revise a text with the aim of delivering a usable piece.

About the Authors

L. C. Collada Ali


Laura Carolina Collada Ali is a medical writer and translator in Italy with more than 15 years of experience in delivering multilingual authoring and translation services for leading independent research organisations and pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

P. G. Polledo


Paz Gómez Polledo is a Spanish licensed physician and Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine with 32 years’ experience as a freelance medical translator, reviser, proofreader, writer, and medical translation instructor.

C. Harmer

United Kingdom

Claire Harmer is a UK-based translator and editor specialising in medicine, pharmaceuticals, and packaging. She translates from French and Spanish into English and helps healthcare non-governmental organisations, hospitals, medical journals, and pharmaceutical companies to make their documentation accessible in accurate, effective English.


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Collada Ali L.C., Polledo P.G., Harmer C. Revision: Parameters and practices within the translation industry. Science Editor and Publisher. 2018;3(3-4):139-143. (In Russ.)

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