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Recommendations on creation and presentation of a scientific journal website

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The article contains recommendations on the creation and presentation of articles in the scientific journal. These recommendations were developed by the author on the basis of many years’ experience in creating and promoting scientific network logs of free access. When developing recommendations, the author took into account the requirements for the journals for inclusion in the List of the Higher Attestation Commission and Roskomnadzor, as well as the modern requirements for compliance with the scientific publication ethics. First of all, the author draws attention to the fact that, in the modern conditions, the difference between a paper journal and a network publication lies only in the lack of the possibility for readers to download/read the articles free of charge directly from the journal’s website. The article emphasizes that, as the best option, it can recommend to publish a separate journal on the separate site that has its own unique domain name registered to the publisher/founder of the journal. It is also noted that it is best to create a full-fledged English-language version of the site, the presence of which significantly increases the journal chances of the entry in the International Database of Scientific Citation. The special attention is paid to usability of the site. The author gives the recommendations for filling the website sections, in particular: the section «About the Journal», editorial policies and pages of the website dedicated to the ethical issues. The recommendations for presentation of the section devoted to the retraction of scientific articles are given.

About the Author

N. K. Alimova
LLC «Publishing company «World of science»
Russian Federation

Natalia K . Alimova, PhD (Economics), Director General



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Alimova N.K. Recommendations on creation and presentation of a scientific journal website. Science Editor and Publisher. 2017;2(2-4):120-129. (In Russ.)

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