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Some practical experience of humanities-oriented journal staff work in a technical university

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Computerization and IT penetration of many spheres of public life did affect the editorial-and-publishing process as well. On the one hand, this allows significant facilitation of academic periodicals establishment and quickening of issues appearance. On the other hand, rich technological capacities of word processing combined with troublesome economic environment and lack of up-to-date scientifically-based standards for editing and publishing operations lead to deterioration in research articles quality and as a result, to increasingly negative attitude towards university journals. Precisely, major obstacles hampering the work of humanities-oriented academic journal published by technical university are associated with quality of authors’ manuscripts. It is not easy for small editorial staff to keep the journal issues’ content at an adequate level. Nevertheless the editorial board works hard to stand up to reality.

About the Author

Yu. V. Lunkina
National Research University of Electronic Technology
Russian Federation

Yulia V . Lunkina, M.S. in Publishing, Senior Editor, academic journal Ekonomicheskie i sotsial’nogumanitarnye issledovaniya / Economic and Social Researches.

SPIN code 8866-8680 



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Lunkina Yu.V. Some practical experience of humanities-oriented journal staff work in a technical university. Science Editor and Publisher. 2017;2(2-4):116-119. (In Russ.)

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