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On prospects of establishing a complex system of peer reviewing in Russia’s scientific journals

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The article probes into challenges, which scientific peer-reviewed journals face in Russia in respect to attracting expert reviewers competent in the scientific field of reviewed articles from various universities and academic centers.

The authors suggest for public discussion a model of journal clusters in different scientific fields with a view to forming a base of reviewers representing multiple locations and specialties within one branch of science. The suggested approach may lead to organizing the reviewing process at its utmost and is likely to consolidate the academia within professional and scientific or academic associations (as exemplified by RASEP).

About the Author

L. K. Raitskaya
Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (MGIMO University)
Russian Federation

Lilia K . Raitskaya, Dr. Sci. (Education) 



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Raitskaya L.K. On prospects of establishing a complex system of peer reviewing in Russia’s scientific journals. Science Editor and Publisher. 2017;2(2-4):84-88. (In Russ.)

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