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Lean production in the decrease time expenses at publication of a scientific journal

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The results of work on the optimization of processes in the editorial office of a scientific journal (reviewing, working out the text of articles by the authors according to the comments of reviewers, literary editing, layout, coordination with the authors) are presented. During the work, non-production losses were analyzed and reduced.

The aim of the project was to optimally use the available resources to reduce time costs in the production of the scientific journal.

The task of the project was to analyze the sequence, time and distribution law of the editorial and publishing processes of the scientific journal, and on their basis to develop recommendations for eliminating losses and implement their activities of the editorial staff of the scientific journal.

As a result of the project: several times reduced losses when reviewing manuscripts; the average time for reviewing articles is maintained with a significant increase in the flow of incoming articles over a short period of time; the average time of delay in the release of magazines has been reduced. In the course of the work, it was revealed that lean production methods (lean methods) are also applicable to complex formalized processes that, at their core, clearly do not create added value and do not deal with physical production, and process optimization significantly affects customer satisfaction. The results of the Gantt diagram before and after of lean productions had been presented.

About the Author

D. Yu. Bolshakov
“Almaz – Antey” Air and Space Defence Corporation
Russian Federation

Denis Yu. Bolshakov, Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Head of the Department of Scientific and Technical Issues and Special Projects of the Office of the Director General, Almaz – Antey Air and Space Defence Corporation, JSC, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of “Almaz – Antey” Air and Space Defence Corporation



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Bolshakov D.Yu. Lean production in the decrease time expenses at publication of a scientific journal. Science Editor and Publisher. 2023;8(1):S32-S40. (In Russ.)

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