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Russian Journal Whitelist: Questions to be answered

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The article studies the issues related to the compilation of the Russian Journal Whitelist, which is intended to be used in research evaluation. Currently, this list has been approved and posted on the website of the Russian Center for Scientific Information. Building a hierarchy of journals within this list is still under discussion. A number of questions have been raised in the academic community about the composition and principle of compiling the whitelist, and an answer is required. In addition, there are a number of broader questions, in particular, to what extent journal publications are the best way to evaluate research and researchers. I have formulated a number of such questions, inviting readers to reflection and discussion. Despite the difficult situation that has now developed in international scientific communication, one should look at it not only as a crisis, but also as an opportunity to create one of the best systems for research assessment at the moment, free from accumulated bias.

About the Author

D. M. Kochetkov
Ural Federal University; Leiden University

Dmitry M. Kochetkov, Cand. Sci.  (Econ.), Senior Researcher of the Laboratory for University Development, Ural Federal University; Ph.D. candidate at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), Leiden University.

Ekaterinburg, Leiden


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Kochetkov D.M. Russian Journal Whitelist: Questions to be answered. Science Editor and Publisher. 2022;7(2):185-190.

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