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Significance and Basic Affiliation Requirements in Scientific Publications

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Correct and complete affiliation — the author’s profile and institutional address — is a compulsory requirement of scientific publications indexed in such international citation indices as Scopus and Web of Science. To ensure that the automatic journal search finds the correct scientific article or any other journal publication indexed in these databases, the metadata must contain correct information relating to publications of a particular author, the name of his/her organization, city and the country. These data are also used for the journal analysis. The absence of any of the essential parts of the affiliation, i.e. the organization name, city, or the country, leads to incorrect indexing, distortion of statistics and bibliometric indicators, which eventually results in the loss of important analytical information in citation indexes. This article provides recommendations on how to avoid such losses.

About the Author

Olga V. Kirillova
Non-Profit Partnership «The National Electronic Information Consortium» (NP «NEICON»); Association of Science Editors and Publishers (ASEP)
Russian Federation


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Kirillova O.V. Significance and Basic Affiliation Requirements in Scientific Publications. Science Editor and Publisher. 2016;1(1-4):32-42. (In Russ.)

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