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Typical mistakes by Russian researchers when registering and completing their ORCID records: Analysis of real cases

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Integration of Russian science into the world’s scientific community is an important task for the government, universities, research organizations, and researchers. The ORCID identifier (iD) is an efficient tool for promoting researchers and their works, building researchers’ personal brands and enhancing their reputation in the scientific community, as well as attributing authorship. Modern journals are increasingly requiring their contributors to provide an ORCID iD as a mandatory element of the author’s information. Russian researchers, possibly due to the low awareness about the benefits of ORCID, make some typical mistakes when registering and completing their ORCID records. This article provides a brief analysis of such mistakes and shows 1) how to correctly present a researcher’s published (preferred) name and how to indicate other names the researcher is known by; 2) what visibility modes ORCID provides to its users; 3) what data can be added to a researcher’s ORCID iD for improved discoverability and recognition. An example of a published article with a wrong ORCID iD is presented; all the resulting negative outcomes for the journal are discussed. The conclusion is made about the need to raise the awareness among the research community about the importance of full and correct ORCID profiles. Editors of scientific journals should ensure that the authors’ ORCID records are filled out correctly.

About the Author

T. A. Loskutova
Association of Science Editors and Publishers (ASEP)
Russian Federation

Tatyana A. Loskutova, Executive Secretary, Science Editor and Publisher, Director of the ASEP Academy Training and Consulting Centre, Association of Science Editors and Publishers (ASEP)



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Loskutova T.A. Typical mistakes by Russian researchers when registering and completing their ORCID records: Analysis of real cases. Science Editor and Publisher. 2021;6(2):119–130. (In Russ.)

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