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Scientists, publishers debate paychecks for peer reviewers

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Sh. Williams
The Scientist
Russian Federation

Shawna Williams joined The Scientist in 2017 and is now a senior editor. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Colorado College and a graduate certificate and science communication from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Previously, she worked as a freelance editor and writer, and in the communications offices of several academic research institutions. Shawna oversees The Scientist’s social media channels and edits the Modus Operandi, Literature, and Foundations sections of the magazine.


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Williams S. Scientists, publishers debate paychecks for peer reviewers. Science Editor and Publisher. 2021;6(1):68-73. (In Russ.)

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ISSN 2542-0267 (Print)
ISSN 2541-8122 (Online)