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Promotion of leading universities journals: Comparison, practice, opportunities

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The article is the result of the second stage of the study devoted to the analysis of the relationship between state support for universities within the framework of Project 5-100 and the effectiveness of promoting scientific journals affiliated with this group of universities, including through international scientometric databases. As part of the presented study, a comparative analysis of the indicators of the journals of universities participating in Project 5-100 and journals affiliated with universities supported by the academic excellence initiatives of Germany, China and Japan, as well as with leading universities in the United Kingdom and the USA, was carried out. In the course of the study, the factors that influence the increase in the visibility of journals for the scientific community and the quality of journals were identified. One of the results of the study is confirmation that the universities of Project 5-100 pay more attention to promoting their affiliated journals in the scientific and educational community, including through indexing in international scientometric databases, than foreign universities, which are also supported within the framework of some national excellence initiatives. The Scopus data show that an increase in the effectiveness of promoting the journals of universities that are supported within the framework of initiatives of academic excellence in international databases is not typical / characteristic to a much lesser extent for journals of universities that are participants in the corresponding initiatives of Germany, China and Japan. It is concluded that the results achieved by the universities participating in Project 5-100 are largely due to government support and inclusion in the Project as a mandatory event to promote journals in international scientometric databases.

About the Authors

L. V. Kazimirchik
Sociological Research Center
Russian Federation
Luidmila V. Kazimirchik, Cand. Sci. (Polit. Sci.), Leading Researcher, State Autonomou

E. G. Grishakina
Sociological Research Center
Russian Federation

Ekaterina G. Grishakina, Cand. Sci. (Pedagog. Sci.), Associate Professor, Head of Research and Analytical Department





N. A. Polikhina
Sociological Research Center
Russian Federation

Nadezhda A. Polikhina, Deputy Director


I. B. Trostyanskaya
Sociological Research Center
Russian Federation

Irina B. Trostyanskaya, Cand. Sci. (Polit. Sci.), Director of the Directorate of Research and Analysis, State Autonomous



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For citations:

Kazimirchik L.V., Grishakina E.G., Polikhina N.A., Trostyanskaya I.B. Promotion of leading universities journals: Comparison, practice, opportunities. Science Editor and Publisher. 2020;5(2):80-101. (In Russ.)

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