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How to avoid mistakes when preparing a journal to submit to Scopus

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To submit a journal for indexing in Scopus editors or publishers of journals must fill in a form, specially designed by the Scopus team and experts for this purpose. The submission form is available at specially prepared for this purpose website. The form is rather voluminous, and during the journal’s preparation for evaluation and when submitting it is important to envisage some details to avoid rejection at the first step of checking towards minimum criteria. It is important to fill in correctly the certain information about the journal in the submission form so that when preparing by the Scopus team the journal for evaluation all information about the journal for further review is presented correctly. Also during preparation for submitting the journal the typical mistakes, which will hamper passing the journal in the expert system in the future, should be avoided. The article focuses on the mistakes that are often made by specialists who are responsible for submission and gives advice on how to avoid them.

About the Author

О. V. Kirillova
Association of Science Editors and Publishers (ASEP)
Russian Federation

Olga V. Kirillova - Cand. Sci. (Eng.), President of the Association of Science Editors and Publishers (ASEP), Chair of the Scopus ECSAC-RF.



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Kirillova О.V. How to avoid mistakes when preparing a journal to submit to Scopus. Science Editor and Publisher. 2019;4(3-4):169-188. (In Russ.)

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